Supercargo and Survey


We offer a full range of marine surge and supercargo services through our partner – the Independent Marine Survey Company.

Team work style allows us to provide efficient services at acceptable rates.

Surveyor services

  • Assessment of the technical condition of the vessel and the determination of the quantity of fuel residues on board when the ship is handed over to the charterers or shipowners. (On / Off-hire condition / Bunker survey)
  • Determination of the suitability and suitability of vessels and their cargo spaces for the transport of various goods. (Vessel suitability survey)
  • Inspection of holds before loading / after unloading with issue of certificate of readiness for loading / full unloading of cargo
  • Filling of cargo spaces after loading Checking the integrity of seals before unloading
  • Determination of the amount of cargo by draft of the vessel (Draft survey)
  • Services of talmans on various kinds of cargoes
  • Inspections on the re-weighing of railway wagons and trucks
  • Pre-loading cargo survey on various cargoes, assistance to Master
  • Pre-loading inspection of cargoes, recommendations to the captain on entering reservations into cargo documents
  • Investigation of reasons for unsanctioned carriage of goods
  • Assessment of the technical condition of the vessel, hull and mechanisms, their compliance with the conventional, classification requirements before insurance or sale. (Pre-entry / Pre-purchase Survey)
  • Investigation of damages of hull and mechanisms of ships
  • Supervision and approval of stowage, placement of cargo securing on board
  • Container Inspection

SuperCargo Services

  • Collection of information, coordination of ship cargo operations with the shipowner, charterer, cargo owner, agents, stevedore companies and carriers prior to the arrival of the vessel and in the process of work for the speedy processing of the vessel
  • Preparation of the cargo plan, drawing up of the plan of cargo operations (loading / unloading), calculations of fastening, rent of the equipment, load-lifting means, separating, fixing materials and so forth.
  • Calculations of fastening, leasing of equipment, lifting equipment, separation, fastening materials, etc.
  • Monitoring and coordination in the process of cargo operations
  • Provide regular progress reports
  • Provision of a complete report on the completion of ship handling operations with cargo plans, fastening calculations, photographs, etc.