Ukrainian Maritime Agency

We are the Ukrainian Maritime Agency or simply the Ukrainian Maritime Agency in Odessa. And we - experts in matters of escort (both legal, and escort of other types) and carrying shipping of various types. What does our Maritime Agency offer?

Marine crewing

We have the best cadres in Odessa and not only. Our sailors not only have excellent command of foreign languages and clearly fulfill their responsibilities, but also have a lot of additional benefits, such as experience in mixed crews, visas and certificates.

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Loading and unloading

A complete set of works that will not allow you to think about this issue. Moreover, we have the state-of-the-art equipment and we can unload both finished goods (for example, companions, motor scooters or mopeds) or loose cargo without any problems and without the slightest penalties.

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Mooring and chartering

Here and coordination in the port, and escort to the parking lot. The work of our maritime agency in Odessa is highly appreciated by shipowners and experts. Chartering a vessel with our help will ensure delivery of goods to the destination safely and on time.

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Supercar and Survey

We offer a full range of sea suruve and supercargo services through our partner - Independent Marine Survey. The team style of work gives us the opportunity to provide efficient services at affordable rates.

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Customs clearance

We will take on all the bureaucratic aspects and paperwork. You just will not think about it. Declaration, registration and registration of content will no longer be a problem for you.

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Our Agency will assume full responsibility for the transportation of cargo. From "A" to "I". Odessa is a big city, but we are one of the few who really offers full control of the cargo, the course of its departure, etc.

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We are pro and we are in the market for the first time. And on our side - professional sailors with vast experience, expert lawyers and people who know everything about the maritime business. We provide our customers with comprehensive cargo transportation services, hire teams, etc. That is, we do everything to ensure that you simply do not think about the various problems that arise during any shipping. We decide for them instead of you.