Department of forwarding

Экспедирование грузов

“Ukrainian Maritime Agency” is a team of professionals who provides container transportation services. Odessa is a very large port of not only Ukrainian significance, but it is precisely we that provide container transport at the highest level. We are in this field not the first year and cooperate not only with production, but also with representatives of trading companies. This allows not only to ensure the professionalism of the performers, but also to arrange for the customer a fast and reliable transport.

Advantages of cargo transportation

Perhaps the most convenient and large-scale way by which sea transportation is carried out is precisely the container transport of Odessa. Due to the standard size of the container, reliable fastenings and other norms and rules corresponding to world standards, it was possible to carry out unloading and loading much faster, and in the way – to ensure the safety of the load.

Moreover, the container is sealed in your presence (or with the participation of your representative, if desired). Probably, after that it is not necessary to say that sea container transportations of Odessa is convenient and profitable.

We will deliver your goods in better conditions

Food products and all kinds of semi-finished products. These are fruits, salt, sugar, cereals, cereals, berries, vegetables, meat, dairy products. Of course, such marine container transportation is a lot of who provides, but this category of goods – requires special attention, because perishable goods no one canceled. Therefore, additional conditions must be created for milk, vegetables, fruits and meat.

Sea freight forwarding on behalf of our company will work perfectly with any loose cargo, such as crushed stone, cement, coal and sand. Also, we supply all kinds of equipment and electronics, which now more and more becomes a popular cargo in the sea freight transportation of Odessa. This is far from a complete list of the goods we transport.