Crewing department


The sea cruisers of Odessa, in recent years, are very active in recruiting staff, but we have the advantage, after all, many skilled professionals have been working with us for many years. That is - we have specialists for all occasions that are always on hand and expect a good contract.

The offer of our sea cruise in Odessa is a lot of specialists, among them: El. Engineer, 2nd Engineer, Chief Engineer, Cook, DP Officer, Stewardess, Master, Chief Officer, ETO, Master, and many others.


AddedRankVessel TypeDWTEnginePower (kW)
04.01.2018ABBulk51200MAN-B&W - 6S50MC-C9480
04.01.2018BosunRo-Ro\HL7200MAN B&W 12V32/405760
04.01.2018Ch. EngBulk51200MAN-B&W - 6S50MC-C9480

Seaman's profile

In order for us to offer you a job, we need a sailor's profile from you. After filling our application form, you can send a completed questionnaire to our email -

Contact information

  • UL Bunina 10, Odessa, 65026, Ukraine
  • +38 0482 30 78 53
    +38 0482 30 77 28