Brokerage department


Customs clearance of Odessa cargo is a very troublesome process and that is why the registration, customs clearance in Odessa, it is very worthwhile to trust professional brokers.

Turning to us, you choose the quality and reliability, confidence and clear understanding that our customs broker of Odessa is the best in his business and that everything will be done without any difficulty and precisely in time.

Customs clearance and clearance

“Ukrainian Maritime Agency” will completely and completely take on the troubles and duties of customs clearance in Odessa and clearance of goods. Our partners are leading companies in the fields of production, trade and law. This allows us to comprehensively approach such an issue as customs clearance in Odessa. The brokers of Odessa are a fairly large number of personnel, however, we have the customs brokers of Odessa, which can be called the best in their business. For them, issues related to customs clearance or customs clearance of goods do not represent the slightest problem.

Documents for customs clearance

Of course, Odessa is a big city, so a lot of companies provide brokerage services (customs clearance – that is, customs issues). But, we have been in this market for over 20 years, so Odessa’s customs clearance is our element. However, let’s more substantively talk about the fact that the customs clearance in Odessa itself and what list of documents will be needed:

  1. General Declaration;
  2. Cargo declaration;
  3. Declaration on ship’s supplies;
  4. Declaration of personal effects of the crew;
  5. Ship’s role (document on the number and composition of the crew in the state of departure and arrival);
  6. List of passengers.

However, this is far from all that needs to be done for a proper customs clearance in Odessa. These documents should clearly indicate shipping ports, serial numbers, stamps, package descriptions, bills of lading numbers, etc. And this is what the customs broker will do.